18 Tips for Choosing and Wearing Sterling Silver Anklets

Sterling silver anklets are a great fashion accessory. If you haven’t ever before worn an anklet, you probably have a lot of questions like how to find a great one, when it’s ok to wear an anklet, and how to wear one with confidence.

It’s a good idea to do your research before you go shopping so that you can be sure that you buy an anklet match with your desire. When you are ready to buy and wear an anklet, make sure to consider these 18 tips, as they will help you find, choose, and wear the best anklet for you.

1. Keep Your Toes Looking Great

Keep Your Toes Looking Great

If you want to make sure that your anklet looks nice and that you can show it off without being embarrassed, you will likely want to make sure that you have a pedicure. Take note at @feet_anklets on Instagram and see what a difference this makes.

2. Keep It Sweet

Keep It Sweet

A sterling silver anklet with a small bow on it is sure to elicit smiles from everyone who sees it, since it is such a sweet piece of jewelry. Find one at Simply Sweet Studio and you are sure to love how delicate and understated it is.

3. Wear Your Name

Wear Your Name

A monogrammed anklet looks amazing and is very classy. You can have one custom made for you so that you don’t have to worry about whether or not your name will be spelled correctly. Work with a great company and check out Monogramhub for more.

4. Enjoy Cubic Zirconia

Enjoy Cubic Zirconia

At Nordstrom you can get an incredibly delicate and attractive anklet with a small cubic zirconia that will look great for a date night. You won’t have to worry about whether or not you are well dressed from head to toe when you wear this anklet on your date.

5. Wear It with Heels

Wear It with Heels

There’s no reason why you can’t wear your new anklet with your favorite pair of heels, as this is a great way to really show off your new look. Try pairing your sterling anklet with a pair of darker heels for a lot of impact, like what’s shown here at Fashionisers.

6. Wear Flats

Wear Flats

If you prefer flats over heels, be sure to check out Elite Readers and you’ll quickly see how you can still wear an anklet with your favorite pair of flats and look amazing. There’s no reason why you can’t wear an anklet with flats and feel confident.

7. Go Stripe And Bold

Go Stripe And Bold

There’s no reason why your anklet shouldn’t make a statement, and when you wear a great anklet like Instagram user @ leatherandbeyond you are sure to turn heads for all the right reasons, so show off your anklet with pride.

8. Choose Adjust Ability

Choose Adjustability

If you want to make sure that your anklet will fit perfectly, make sure that you opt for one that is adjustable, like this anklet from Nordstrom. This will allow you to make it as tight or as loose as you want so that you are comfortable.

9. Ready To Married

Ready To Married

If you love wearing an anklet, there isn’t any reason why you shouldn’t wear one on your big day if you want to. Make sure that you choose an anklet that won’t detract from your beauty, like those shown here at Crafts Villa.

10. Consider Your Age

Consider Your Age

While you can wear an anklet at any age, you do want to choose one that is age appropriate. A simple chain is a great option for anyone who is really young or a little older and wants to wear an anklet without looking silly, so check out Etsy for more.

11. Get into Nature

Get into Nature

Anklets look great with bare feet, and spending time in nature is a wonderful excuse to lose the shoes. Wearing an anklet to the beach or when out in the woods will look great, as you can see shown here at Livestrong.

12. Let It Hang

Let It Hang

An anklet that is too tight will not only be uncomfortable, it will also look less than great. Take note from Glowsly how loose your anklet should hang to look amazing.

13. Be Big Style

Be Big Style

Anklets don’t have to be small and dainty pieces of jewelry, as you can see on Instagram. User @sophiebuhai shows how a thicker and more substantial anklet can still be just as striking and beautiful as something more delicate.

14. With a Toe Ring

With a Toe Ring

You can wear an anklet without connecting it to a toe ring, as you see here at Jewelry Notes. This is a great way to ensure that your jewelry looks like it is a set and that your feet look well cared for.

15. Make It Meaningful

Make It Meaningful

You are going to be much more likely to wear your anklet and love it when it is meaningful to you. This is a great reason to spend some time looking for the right anklet for you and your personality. Check out Etsy for personalized anklets.

16. Stack Them

Stack Them

For more impact, take note of how the experts at Glowsly stack more than one anklet. This will really show off your ankles.

17. Stay Dainty

Stay Dainty

If you are new to wearing anklets and don’t want to draw a lot of attention to your new piece of jewelry at first, try an anklet that is dainty, like this one from Nordstrom. This will allow you to enjoy the feel of an anklet without purchasing and wearing something too big and bold.

18. Link Your Toes

Link Your Toes

Link your anklet to a toe ring for a unique and interesting look that you will love. See the look on @yoga_girl’s Instagram and be inspired to have bare feet to show your anklet off.

The right anklet can really elevate your outfit, which is why you need to take your time when shopping for this piece of jewelry. You also need to understand how to best wear an anklet. Use these tips and hints to gain the confidence you need to buy and wear a new anklet.