18 Great Ways To Style Your Outfits With Obi Belts

If you want to enjoy one of the best and the latest trends, then it is time to go shopping for Obi belts that you can use to spice up your outfits and make sure that you look and feel amazing every time you leave the home.

If you haven’t ever used this type of belt before, then it is normal to feel a little worried about how you can make the style work for you.

With confidence and practice you will love how you look, Try one of these 18 great ways to wear a belt, and you’ll feel great no matter where you go.

1. With a Wrap Dress

With a Wrap Dress

This belt is a great way to cinch in your favorite wrap dress and ensure that it fits correctly and is flattering to your shape. Many dresses come with a belt so that you can do just this. See Glam Radar for great styles you’ll love.

2. With Leather Pants

With Leather Pants

If you are going to be wearing leather pants, then take advice from PopSugar, and tie it off with a belt. This is a great way to keep your pants from sagging and to add the function of a belt without having to choose a more traditional option.

3. Around a Long Dress

Around a Long Dress

Use a belt to break up the fabric of a very long dress, and you can prevent the dress from being overwhelming. At Miss Rich, you can see how easily you are able to style this look and the way that it will improve how your outfit looks quickly and easily.

4. Over a Blazer

Over a Blazer

If you don’t love the way that your blazer fits and want to define your shape a little bit more, then turn to a belt for help. The expert at Trish Taylor Styling shows how easily you can enjoy this look and how it can update your wardrobe.

5. With a Mini Skirt

With a Mini Skirt

At Become Chic, you can check out how easily a belt will make your mini skirt look even nicer. Try using a belt in a metallic color that will really make your outfit pop.

6. To Add a Touch of Leather

Add a Touch of Leather

If you are wearing a particular feminine outfit and want it to be a little bit tougher then consider adding a leather obi belt to your outfit. This will make your outfit just a little more interesting, as you can see here at Miss Rich.

7. Loose Around the Hips

Loose Around the Hips

At PopSugar, you can see how a great belt will look amazing when tied loosely around your hips. When you leave the belt with a large bow in the front, then you can create a unique look that is sure to get you noticed.

8. With a Sweater

With a Sweater

You can stay cozy, warm, and stylish when you pair a sweater and a belt. See the great look at Etsy, and you are sure to want to take one of these belts home in every color so that you can mix and match.

9. Add a Pop of Color

Add a Pop of Color

If your outfit is a little dull and you want to brighten it up then it’s time to use a bright belt. Choose one that will stand out from the rest of your outfit so that you can really show off your style, like this one from Etsy.

10. Match Your Outfit

Match Your Outfit

If there is a color in your outfit that you really love, and you want to make sure that everyone sees it, then consider matching your belt to that piece of clothing. This is a great way to make sure that you look really put together, as you can see here at Jodie’s Touch of Style.

11. Define Your Colors

Define Your Colors

If you are wearing bold colors on top and on bottom, then consider using a belt to split the difference between them and show the contrast. At Chictopia you can see how easy this is to do with a dark neutral belt.

12. Break up Monotony

Break up Monotony

If your outfit is all one color or very monotonous, then you can rely on a great belt to break it up and make your outfit more interesting. See how to do this with style at GirlBelieve.

13. Pick a Pattern

Pick a Pattern

You can add interest and a pattern to your outfit with the right belt. One of the benefits of wearing a patterned belt is that you can easily choose some of the great colors in the pattern to use throughout the rest of your outfit. Pick a bold belt, such as this one from Etsy.

14. Add Contrast Color

Add Contrast Color

As you can see at Glam Radar, a belt is a great way to finish off your outfit while adding a little contrast at the same time. Using a belt in a contrasting color will ensure that your outfit looks interesting and that you look putting together.

15. Tuck in a Simple Top

Tuck in a Simple Top

A simple top tucked into a wide belt will make you look sleek, chic, and very put together. Don’t be afraid to go bold with bright or contrasting colors as you can see at PopSugar.

16. With a LBD

With a LBD

Spice up your favorite little black dress, as they did at Become Chic, with a wide belt. This accessory is sure to take your old dress to the next level and impress everyone who sees you.

17. Cover the Top of Your Trousers

Cover the Top of Your Trousers

If, for some reason, you don’t love the way the top of your trousers looks, then you can use a belt to hide it. No matter if they are frayed or just too low, a strategically-placed belt will make you look amazing, as you can see at Trish Taylor Styling.

18. With a Jumpsuit

With a Jumpsuit

Take note of what the experts at Miss Rich have to say, and try pairing your belt with a jumpsuit. This will ensure that your jumpsuit isn’t too flowy and that you have some structure and it fits well around your body without being too loose.

When you understand how to wear an obi belt, then you can enjoy this flattering accessory and how it can elevate your outfits to a higher level.