15 Chic Ideas to Wear Sterling Silver Hoop Earrings

If you are ready to upgrade your wardrobe and buy some nice jewelry to wear when out and about or around the home, it is important to think about buying sterling silver hoop earrings.

Sterling silver looks great on anyone, making it an ideal metal to wear, and hoop earrings can easily update your outfit without requiring you to give a lot of effort.

Understanding how to choose and wear your new earrings is important, so follow these 15 tips to make sure that you always look your best. Knowing how to find the right earrings for your outfit as well as when to wear them will ensure that you feel confident and look amazing.

1. Wear Them with 2 Piece

Wear Them on the Water

You’ll look effortlessly chic like @okarput does on Instagram when you wear your new earrings out on the water or at the beach. This is a great way to feel a little fancy while in a bathing suit and to show that you really have style, no matter the situation.

2. Add Some Shine

Add Some Shine

If you want to wear sterling silver hoops but wish that they had a little sparkle, consider buying some that have simulated diamonds on them. These are perfect for a fancy dinner out with someone special or dressing up just for yourself. You can see some great options at Nordstrom.

3. Keep It Beachy

Keep It Beachy

Loren on Instagram knows that beachy waves can look amazing with earrings, but you do have to be careful that you don’t catch your hair in the hoops. A natural look paired with earrings will make you look like you didn’t try too hard.

4. Choose a Classic Style

Choose a Classic Style

Small hoops can be just as attractive as large ones without drawing a lot of attention to you or your jewelry choice. If you are just learning how to wear hoops and incorporate them into your outfits, choose a smaller pair like @null_official did on Instagram.

5. Embrace Your Inner Pixie

Embrace Your Inner Pixie

A short hair cut will do a great job of showing off your new earrings, as you can see at Tokyo Fashion. This is a great way to really showcase your jewelry and will help ensure that you look as feminine or tough as you want to.

6. Enjoy with Texture

Enjoy with Texture

Textured earrings are a lot more visually interesting than ones that are perfectly smooth and shiny. If you already feel confident about wearing earrings then try out hammered ones like these at Etsy for an updated look.

7. Look Perfect with Big Earrings

Look Perfect with Big Earrings

The great thing about earrings is that they come in many sizes, so you can go as big or small as you want. If you want to really impress everyone that you run into, you will want to make sure to choose large hoops, like these at Vogue, as they are sure to turn heads.

8. Embrace Contrast

Embrace Contrast

If you have dark hair, your new sterling silver hoops will look great, even if you wear your hair down. That’s because they will provide a little contrast to the dark color of your hair, which others will find very attractive. You can wear sterling silver hoops with your hair up or down for a little visual interest like here at Style Bistro.

9. Choose a Unique Shape

Choose a Unique Shape

Your earrings don’t have to be perfectly round to look amazing. In fact, sometimes, a unique shape may be what you need to really elevate your outfit to the next level. See how fashion models have embraced this style over at Vogue.

10. Wear a Dress

Wear a Dress

Anytime you can show off your shoulders when wearing earrings, you are sure to look amazing. They pair especially well with a dress and an updo, as this will show off your neck and your shoulders. See how to complete this look at Who What Wear.

11. Pull Back Your Hair

Pull Back Your Hair

User @Sabrinadhowre on Instagram knows that to really show off earrings it’s a good idea to pull back your hair into a tight ponytail. This allows the earrings to be the star of your outfit and will keep your hair from getting caught in the hoops, which is unattractive.

12. Go Thick

Go Thick

Thicker hoops are going to be more substantial and may feel more like a traditional earring. Look on Etsy and you will see that thicker hoops will weigh a little bit more, but are ideal for showing up and being a bit more obvious in particularly thick or curly hair that may otherwise hide earrings.

13. Embrace a Collar

Embrace a Collar

Luckily, as you can see from the experts at Eternal Sparkles, you can wear your new earrings with a collar, as long as you can still see your neck. If you are completely covered up then it will be too difficult for anyone to really get a glimpse of your jewelry, and your outfit won’t look well thought-out.

14. Choose a Cable Style

Choose a Cable Style

Cable style earrings are perfect for wearing to work and will really elevate your outfit to make sure that you fit in during long meetings. Check out some great earrings at Nordstrom and you won’t have to feel self-conscious about how you look.

15. Embrace Embellishments

Embrace Embellishments

Embellished hoops are more interesting than plain ones, and you can easily find great options that showcase flowers, animals, or even hearts. Turn to the experts at Etsy for great embellished options that you are sure to love and that will quickly update your outfit.

No matter what hoops you choose or where you wear them, as long as you are confident when you put in your new earrings, you are sure to look amazing. Consider wearing sterling silver hoops to work, to run errands, or to go on a vacation or a date and you will look and feel your best without having to spend a lot of time getting ready.