17 Simple Ideas for Vintage Brooches – Add Charming to Your Outfits

If you have a vintage brooch, then you want to make sure that you take care of it and protect it, but you also want to be able to wear it. If you haven’t ever before considered how to wear vintage brooches, then it’s important to consider a few of your options.

There are some great ways to wear this classic item that may surprise you and will cause you to fall in love with your collection all over again. Check out these 17 fun ways to wear your the vintage item, and you are sure to look and feel your best when you have it on.

1. Skip the Tie

Skip the Tie

A brooch looks amazing at the base of your neck, where you would otherwise wear a tie to finish off of your look. Keep your button-up looking its best, as seen here at Brand Clothing.

2. Contain Your Scarf

Contain Your Scarf

Few things look more sophisticated than a scarf that is pinned with a brooch. You can mix and match the style here, but a vintage scarf with a brooch will look amazing and will also help to keep your scarf from blowing away. See how to do it at JazTashtic.

3. Draw Attention

Draw Attention

You can still wear your brooch near your neck even if you’re not wearing a button-up shirt. Try it out with a high-necked dress for a look that will be unforgettable. See how to do it at Glam Radar.

4. On Your Shoes

On Your Shoes

If you have ballet flats that you want to make stand out from the rest of your outfit then consider adding a pair of matching brooches to the top. This is a great way to customize your shoes, and is easy to do, so check it out at Jaztashtic.

5. Mirror Your Collar

Mirror Your Collar

At Gal Meets Glam you can see how easily you can wear a pair of matching brooches as a mirror image by the collar of your sweater. This is a great way to add definition to your top and to make it stand out a little bit more.

6. On Your Back

On Your Back

If you have a strappy dress on, then consider wearing your brooch on your back, as seen here at Live About. This is a fun way to really get attention and to make the back of your outfit much more interesting.

7. In Your Hair

In Your Hair

The experts at Style Notes know that brooches in the hair are a showstopper and are sure to make people take notice of you and your style. Try using a larger brooch so that you can make sure that it will really stand out, especially if you have long hair that is pinned up.

8. Make a Choker

Make a Choker

At Live About, you can see how easily you can use a brooch to make a choker. This is a great look that is sure to impress everyone who sees you, and since you can customize the look, you can make it match every outfit.

9. By the Waist

By the Waist

Your brooch is going to draw attention no matter where you wear it, and so if you want to make your waist look slimmer, then consider pinning it there. This works especially well if the brooch is a little larger and flashier than normal, as seen on Glam Radar.

10. As a Pendant Necklace

As a Pendant Necklace

If you love your old brooch, but want to really give it new life, then consider making it into a pendant necklace. This will ensure that your brooch is a piece of jewelry that you’ll love to wear, as you can see here at Handmadeology.

11. On Your Blazer

On Your Blazer

If you have a larger collection of brooches that you really want to show off, then consider wearing a few of them on your blazer. At Jaztashtic, you can see how great this final look is and how it will make your brooches the center of attention.

12. In Your Collar

In Your Collar

As shown here at Miss Rich, few things look more amazing than a brooch tucked up and into the collar of your shirt. Rather than letting the brooch be a little lower where the knot of a tie is, pin it up under the shirt so that it can peek out.

13. On Your Bodice

On Your Bodice

A brooch will help to make the bodice of your gown look gathered and complete, which is a great reason to pin one here. See how you can get this same style at Live About. Choose a brooch that has contrasting colors so that it will really stand out.

14. On Your Hat

On Your Hat

Try pinning your brooch onto your hat, as you can see here at PopSugar, for a really interesting look that will keep your brooch front and center. Choose a hat that is a solid color so that your brooch can really stand out.

15. Near Your Hemline

Near Your Hemline

A shorter hemline will only be more dramatic when you pair it with a beautiful brooch. At Live About, you can see how stunning this look is and how quickly it draws your eye to the hemline and to the brooch.

16. On Your Shirt Pocket

On Your Shirt Pocket

If your shirt has a pocket, then consider adding a brooch to it like here at Stylecaster. This is a great way to make your pocket pop and is such an unexpected location for a brooch that it will really surprise people.

17. On Your Belt

On Your Belt

The brooch is sure to upgrade and update your belt, making it more attractive and interesting. At Glam Radar, you can see how to pin a brooch to your belt for an interesting look that you are sure to love.

Vintage brooches can add a lot of interest to your outfit and can be very fun to pick and wear. Make sure that you are considering one of these fun ways to wear your brooch so that you can get the most out of it and so that you can be sure it is improving the way that your outfit looks.