18 Different Ideas For Quartz Crystal Necklace You Need To Try

If you are looking for a new quartz crystal necklace, then you will want to make sure that you choose one and that you wear it in a way that it will look its best and that you will feel great.

No matter whether you are wearing your new quartz for health reasons or simply because you love the way that it looks, carefully choosing the outfit that you are going to wear, the chain, as well as the setting of your quartz, will ensure that you look and feel your best.

Try out one of these 18 great ways to wear your new necklace and you’re sure to find one that you love and that will make you feel great.

1. Choose a Simple Chain

Choose a Simple Chain

As you can see at Nicole Richie’s Instagram, sometimes the most beautiful necklaces just look simple. If you want your quartz to really shine and be the focal point of your jewelry, then choose a simple chain that won’t compete with the quartz.

2. Layer It

Layer It

At Brit, you can see how a layered necklace with quartz on it will be much more interesting than one that only has a single piece hanging from around your neck. Choose quartz that is a similar size, and then make sure that your necklace is layered for an interesting look.

3. Loop it Up

Loop it Up

If your necklace is a statement necklace, then you will want to make sure that you can loop it up to shorten the chain and have the quartz hang at the right place on your body. At DIY Loop, you can see how easily you can create this type of necklace and how great it will look.

4. Enjoy a Ball Chain

Enjoy a Ball Chain

A ball chain has just enough visual interest to support a larger quartz crystal. No matter how heavy or big your crystal is, when you wear it on a ball chain, then you won’t have to worry about it looking too heavy or out of place. See it here at CharlotteCoutureJewelry.

5. Use a Charm

Use a Charm

Pair your new quartz with a charm to add more visual interest to your necklace. You can see at Novica how this won’t detract from the beauty of your necklace, but it will make it look even nicer.

6. Wrap it Up

Wrap it Up

At Brit, you can see how great quartz will look when it is wrapped with wire. This is a great way to ensure that your quartz won’t fall when you are wearing your necklace and to add interest to the piece so that you will be happy wearing it all the time.

7. Cut a Hole

Cut a Hole

Your quartz doesn’t have to be in the traditional shape that you may think of when buying a necklace. A round piece of quartz with a hole in the middle can look amazing when attached to your necklace and will be stunning, as seen here on Rings & Things.

8. Choose Small Beads

Choose Small Beads

While you may automatically think of a large piece of quartz for your necklace, small quartz crystal beads can look stunning, especially when they are combined with a few of different sizes. These beads will look great and dainty with any outfit, as you can see at Lia Griffith.

9. Use Wrapped Leather

Use Wrapped Leather

Wrapped leather is a great way to make your quartz crystal really stand out, as you can see at Wild Amor. Use a dark leather to make sure that your crystal really pops and that you can see how beautiful it is against the darker leather.

10. Dip it In Gold

Dip it In Gold

Try dipping part of your quartz in gold for a stunning look that will make anyone look twice at your necklace. At Chic Creative Life, they did just this and ended up with a gorgeous necklace that you will be proud to wear.

11. Keep It Natural with Twine

Keep It Natural with Twine

At Camp Makery, you can see how these professionals used natural twine to keep their crystal necklaces looking as natural as possible. The natural twine will make the crystal even more beautiful and ensure that it fits with your neutral colors and outfits.

12. Pink Quartz Necklace

Pink Quartz Necklace

At Gem Lounge Jewelry, the professionals paired natural quartz crystals with neon beads for a unique look that won’t blend in. Choose beads that are exceptionally bright so that you can be sure that they will really stand out from the natural quartz.

13. Make Raw Crystal

Make Raw Crystal

Raw crystals are beautiful, and as you can see from the experts at Because I’m Addicted, they make a gorgeous necklace. No matter whether you opt for larger, chunkier crystals, or ones that are a little smaller, you are sure to love this necklace.

14. Stack it Up

Stack it Up

Choose a necklace that has quartz as well as other beautiful stones for a unique look, as seen here on Victoria Beckham’s Instagram.

15. Paired with Copper Pipe

Paired with Copper Pipe

Cooper looks great and when paired with quartz will increase its beauty. At Fall for DIY, you can see how this copper and quartz necklace look amazing on anyone.

16. Turn the Crystal

Turn the Crystal

Instead of having the crystal hang straight down, turn it on its side for a unique look, like seen here on Monika Rad’s Instagram. This will simply make the necklace a little more interesting to look at.

17. Use Multiple Pieces

Use Multiple Pieces

At Rings & Things, the professionals show you how great a necklace can look when you have more than one piece of quartz on the necklace. This will double the weight of the necklace, but will make it a lot more impressive when you are wearing it.

18. Give it a Border

Give it a Border

At Novica, you can see how putting a border on your necklace will help the quartz to really stand out. This is great if you are going to be wearing a very bold top and want to make sure that your quartz won’t get lost visually when someone looks at your outfit.

Quartz necklaces will look great with your outfit and are sure to make you feel great about how you look. Choose quality necklaces that you are sure to love so that you look amazing.