20 Styles of Natural Opal Rings – Your Inspiration and Ideas

Natural opal rings are not only beautiful, but they are a great way to tie together your outfit and wear a piece of jewelry that is sure to start conversations with strangers.

If you have never before bought an opal ring, then there are a few things that you will want to look for so that you can be sure that you choose the right piece of jewelry for your use and that you will love it.

Consider these 20 rings and their various styles when shopping for a new opal ring, and you are sure to find a piece of jewelry that you will love now and in the future.

1. Go Square Opal

Go Square Opal

Nobody ever said that your opal ring had to be round, and if you want something a little different, then it’s a good idea to consider a square stone. See how great this ring can look when you find it on Etsy, and order one for yourself.

2. Multi Stack Ring

Multi Stack Ring

To really make your new opal ring pop and to show up on your hand, consider buying more than one and then stacking them for a unique look. Check out what kind of ring will work well for this look at Refinery29.

3. Show Your Heart

Show Your Heart

At Target, you can find a gorgeous heart-shaped opal ring that is a wonderful way to share your love with another person. Make sure that the opal is smooth on all edges so that you don’t have to worry about the tip of the heart being sharp.

4. Pick a White Opal

Pick a White Opal

When paired with pearls, white opals will really shine and add luster to your ring. At Nordstrom, you can easily find an opal ring with a gorgeous white opal that is sure to make you catch your breath. Choose one that has pearls that are the same size for a great finish.

5. Choose a Masculine Ring

Choose a Masculine Ring

Just because you are going to wear a ring doesn’t mean that it has to be small and feminine. Choosing a masculine opal ring such as this one at Refinery29 will ensure that you have a ring that will always stand out.

6. Make the Engagement Special

Make the Engagement Special

A unique engagement ring is sure to stand out and make her say yes. Consider this ring from Wedessence when shopping for something unique.

7. Consider the Band


Consider the Band

Skip a boring band, and choose one that will really draw the attention of anyone looking at your rings when you opt for a band that is shaped like a cross, as seen in this one from Nordstrom. You are sure to love the additional visual interest that this ring provides.

8. Bright Ring

Bright Ring

A beautiful and bright opal ring, as seen at Instagram from victorianboxtokyo, is sure to stand out and will match with any outfit that you wear with it. That’s a great reason to opt for an opal ring that has plenty of bright colors n it.

9. Bold and Twist Ring

Bold and Twist Ring

Bold design is sure to catch attention. At Ring Size Chart for Men, you can see how the right design will make your ring stand out.

10. Cyberpunk Opal Ring

Cyberpunk Opal Ring

A band that is different from the traditional band will make your new opal ring uniquely yours. See what the professionals at Deviant Art have to say.

11. Pick a Different Shape

Pick a Different Shape

Triangular opal ring like this from Opal Auctions will be such an interesting shape that you are sure to love wearing it. Additionally, the triangle shape is something that will make your fingers appears a lot longer, which is ideal if you are worried about your fingers appearing too short with a large stone.

12. Triple Lobe Ring

Triple Lobe Ring

At Nordstrom you can easily find opal rings that have multiple opals on the band. This can make your ring look even more impressive.

13. Choose a Claddagh

Choose a Claddagh

If you have had your heart set on a Claddagh ring, but you want it to have an opal, then you are in luck when you stop on Etsy. Choose a white opal with a yellow gold band for something that will really pop from your skin and be beautiful in its contrasts.

14. Choose a Different Color

Choose a Different Color

While there are some colors that are more typical to see on an opal ring, there are some stones that have very different colors. Look for one that is bright enough to be obviously different from traditional rings if you want it to stand out from others that are available for sale, as the ones from Opal Auctions.

15. Enjoy a Vintage Look

Enjoy a Vintage Look

Opal rings that have a vintage band are gorgeous and will look great with any outfit. Make sure that you like the detailing on the ring, as seen on this one from Instagram. Thing finder has managed to find a vintage-looking opal ring that will stand out.

16. Unique Design Ring

Unique Design Ring

Nobody ever said that your opal ring had to be boring, and at Refinery29, you can find rings that are interesting and will attract attention. Space the opal on your ring out from another gemstone, and you will love the way your new jewelry looks.

17. Opt for Lots of Stones

Opt for Lots of Stones

If you want to make sure that your new opal ring really stands out, and then consider buying one that has plenty of other gemstones on the band. At Opal Auctions, you can see a wonderful example of how diamonds will make your new ring pop.

18. Pick a Black Opal

Pick a Black Opal

For something a little different, you may want to consider a black opal as an option. This ring hosts a beautiful stone, as seen here at Opal Auctions, and maybe something rare and different enough that it is something you will love.

19. Gorgeous Infinity Band

Gorgeous Infinity Band

Infinity bands have opals all the way around the band and not just set up in a high mount. On Etsy, you can find a gorgeous option that showcases beautiful stones all the way around the band and will let you admire your ring from every angle.

20. Think about the Details

Think about the Details

The details of a great ring can set it apart from others on the market. See how Jewelry Shopping Guide helps you find the right opal ring.

A great opal ring is a wonderful way to accessorize any outfit. Look for one that you love, and choose a design that you will want to wear every day.