Many Ideas To Make Cute DIY Necklace

The right accessory can make your plainest of outfit a thousand times better. And what better an accessory than a bright and shiny DIY necklace. It gets better when the product is made right in the comfort of your home, by you.

You can make anything from a shiny necklace for parties to something very simple, everyday wear. Jewelry, no matter how plain, can be a little expensive to buy. Especially when you don’t wear it every day.

And at times, finding the right necklace which matches with your outfit can also be a struggle. But worry no more! You can make your favorite statement necklaces at home now, and save tons of money, especially if you’re an accessory holder.

In this article, we’ll show you how to DIY one for yourself with some pretty necklace ideas from around the world.

What Do You Need?

The best part of DIY necklaces that you always have the materials to make it at home. The first things to grab would be glue, scissors, some tweezers, thin wire, and clasps to hang it around your neck. If you don’t have them at home, you can get it from a local supply store as well.

After that, the material you’ll need would be entirely based on the kind of necklace you’re making. If you’re making a choker, you can make use of the thin wire or you can replace it with thread or a leather strap.

For different necklaces, you can pick up beads, pearls, semi-precious stones, crystals, and more as you like.

The First DIY

Your first DIY necklace can be a plain choker just to get you in the mood and get going. All you’ll need for this choker would be a leather or a velvet strap, a little crystal to hang from the necklace, gold clasps, and our in-house materials, glue, scissors, and tweezers.

The first step is to measure the length of the strap around your neck to get the exact size of your choker. Mark it on the strap and cut a few inches extra to leave room for error.

After that, take a tiny pendant or crystal and stick it to the strap with some glue. You can add a gold chain around to jazz it up or wear it like that. You can always take A Pair And A Spare DIY help to find more DIY chokers.

DIY choker necklace


Pearl Statement Necklace

This necklace is incredibly simple to make and instantly turns your outfit into a 10. All you need is some tweezers, glue, chains, charms, pendants, and tons of pearls.

First, you have to cut the wire a little longer than the length of your neck and then add a pearl at one end. Twist the wire in so that it’s locked.

Now keep on adding the pearls and fill in with some chain loops to give a statement piece effect. After you’ve covered the length of the wire, attach your pendants and charms with the help of wire rings, and you’re done. Check out all the detailed steps on Teen Vogue website.

Pearl Statement Necklace


Gold Leaf Geometric Necklace

This gold leaf necklace by Poppytalk is elegant and chic. A summer party fashion statement, all you’ll need to make this boho necklace is polymer clay, blade, natural twine, a baking tray, and an acrylic rolling pin. The main element, gold leaf, can be found easily at a local hardware store.

To make the necklace, you first have to make some rolls of the clay, and use a rolling pin to achieve the right thickness. You can even make use of glass to roll out the clay.

After that, cut it in the shape you like, poke a hole to make place for the wire, and place it on the gold leaf. Make sure the straight edge is on top. Rub it in the area you feel will look great. Then, just put it into the oven to bake and your pendant is ready!

Gold Leaf Geometric Necklace


DIY Flower Necklace

This flower pom pom necklace will bring back the 90s vibe to your accessory collection and add a dash of elegance to your outfit every time you wear it. Take a look at this YouTube video to know how to make it.

Video: Alejandra’s Styles

So now that you know how to make your own necklaces at home, go ahead and start off. You can experiment with various styles and make your own statement piece. It’s stylish and inexpensive at the same time.