How to Make a Pendant Necklace at Home?

Do you have a plain and ordinary chain that needs some drastic makeover? What’s the best way to dress it up? The easy answer is put a pendant on it! A pendant always makes a chain a whole lot of charm and personality.

It’s not just a great way to add value to a chain, but also put your own self into the chain to create your own personal style statement.

But the question arises, “How to make a pendant necklace?” Well, let us tell you that it is not rocket science! With this easy tutorial, you will be able to make several types of pendant necklaces in a jiffy!

How to Make Wire Wrapping Pendants?

Wire Wrapping Pendants

Image: craftsy

This is the perfect first project to dip your feet in the proverbial water and learn how to make pendants at home. One of favorite project is Wire Wrapping Pendant Project, nothing can stop you from succeeding in similar projects!

It’s easy to take a focal bead or a gemstone and design it in your own way to then tie a cord around it.

Wire wrapping is also an ingenious way that enables you to create pendants with varied forms and shapes. There are many kinds of wire wrapping pendant projects available on several tutorials on the web from the very basic to the super intricate.

Hence, there is something for everyone need to learn here.

Beaded Pendant Patterns

Beaded Pendant Patterns

Image: pandahall

If you are a beading lover at a heart, then these beautiful Beaded Pendant Patterns are made for you! Instead of one massive bead or focal gemstone, the beaded pendant patterns involve the usage of several multiple beads weaved together into a single pattern to form a beautiful work of art.

Have you Ever Heard of Clay Pendant Projects?

clay pendant necklaces

Image: a beautiful mess

It’s easy to mold a pendant to create a clay pendant masterpiece. For all those who like playing around with clay, this project may be right for you! The thing with clay is that it is supremely versatile and allow you get your creativity out with respect to style, color, and shape.

In addition to, these DIY pendants are super creative and classy and do not take many efforts at all. They are also the most original pendant projects you can take on from the bunch!

Resin Pendant Projects

Resin Pendant

Image: lilblueboo

If you’ve ever been wondering how to make a pendant necklace, the resin pendant necklace is a good one to start to get that much-needed confidence in your skills and also show off creativity.

If you are a fan of glass pendants and find them to be very elegant, then you will definitely adore the Resin Pendants. They have an amazing shine and gloss on their surface and are super affordable and accessible.

You can even put in your favorite motifs and images inside this pendant to personalize it. Furthermore, these resin pendants make great gifts for friends and family.

Crochet Pendant Projects

If you’re not serious about creative so much and you have a yarn in your hand, then crochet pendant projects would suit you just fine! It will require just a few stitches and techniques, but if you know your way around a needle and some yarn, it will be a piece of cake for you.

See this below video tutorial on how making Crochet Beaded Ball Pendant:

Video by: Hectanooga1


Pendant necklaces are classy forever for women. Right now you know about how to make a pendant necklace in this article with some sample that we provided you already.

Of course, they add style to any outfit and value to your wardrobe. However, instead of buying a super expensive pendant, why don’t you invest some time in making one of these? We assure you the efforts will be worth it!