How to Make Beaded Bracelets in The Comfort of Your Homes?

Who doesn’t like a good pair of bracelets? This is one piece of accessory that goes well with any outfit of women all around the world, irrespective of their age or nationality wear these in their daily lives.

Making a pair of bracelets at home is easier than it sounds. Even if you have never thought about creating your own customized accessories, but you can start now.

Why? because they are also easy to personalize and using them, you can make your own style statement! So, let’s find out how to make beaded bracelets easily at home.

The Easy Way to Make Beaded Bracelets

Here are some of the different types of beaded bracelets you can try making at home.

Elastic Beaded Bracelets

With elastic beaded bracelets, you can quickly customize your wardrobe with new accessories. It is also a great way to add a lot of personality and color to what you wear.

You can use various Kinds of Beads in multiple colors and even mix them up to create a rainbow-colored beaded bracelets.

If you’re late to be somewhere and are half-dressed with no makeup on, these are the perfect accessories to grab before exiting the front door of your house. What’s more, they are really easy to make at home without any hassle!

Beaded Ropes Bracelets

Bead Ropes are practically the most fun version of bracelets you’ll ever find today! They are a lot of fun to stitch up and so incredibly versatile that you can make a lot of different versions of beaded rope bracelets from them.

You can try the tubular netting depending upon how tightly you want the beads to be sewn together. You can also put a lot of different embellishments and decorations on it according to your fancy.

how to make beaded bracelets

Herringbone Stitch Bracelets

Ever heard of the Herringbone Stitch Bracelets? Well, they aren’t as complicated as they sound! They make for amazing cuff bracelets that are stylish as well as immensely beautiful to look at!

All the beads on the Herringbone stitch bracelets lie at a slight angle to each other, and if you choose to use a mix of different colors in this bracelet, it will be like an explosion of different colors in one piece of accessory.

You can create these bracelets according to your whim, depending on the color, size and texture of the beads, and more. You can also choose your favorite brooch to attach it to your bracelet to make a unique and wholly personal style statement.

How to Make Elastic Beaded Bracelets that Never Break?

Well, for starters, never ever use Sewing Elastic for making bracelets! You must never buy elastic cords for craft work and sewing. There are many different types of elastic cords when looking for one to make beaded bracelets, choose the best quality elastic cords that are meant solely for making jewelry.

Similarly, the elastic that you use should not too thick, or that is a sure shot recipe for the breaking of bracelets. In the same vein, you must never stretch your bracelets too much while wearing them.

If you follow these simple steps, you can ensure that you give your beaded bracelets a long life.


Fashion trends change every single day, and they constantly come and go! Another thing that stays evergreen is the immensely understated bracelets and for a reason. They are easy to put on and so versatile that you can wear them with any outfit and on any occasion.

Additionally, they also last for life if you handle them right and make great gifts. With our guide on how to make beaded bracelets from scratch will help you to save your pocket reasonable.