How To Make Your Own Bracelet?

Doesn’t matter whether you’re a child or an adult, making a bracelet is one of the best hobbies that you can possibly have. It’s fun and it is sure to make your creative juices flow. Plus, it’s not difficult to make your own bracelet too.

Do you love accessories and want to make your own? You might think that making a jewellery is difficult, but it really isn’t. Bracelet is one of the easiest jewellery to make and you can also give it a personal touch.

A personalized bracelet is also a great way to make your best friend feel special on her birthday. Let us take a look at how you can go about it.

What Type Of Bracelet Do You Want To Make?

One easy way to finalize on the type of bracelet you want to make is by checking what all bracelets you already have in your collection, According to Wikihow. Is there any bracelet that any of your friends have that you’ve always wanted?

Go to some local jewellery store and check out the latest trends in the bracelet. The internet is your best friend and you will literally everything there. Check Pinterest for some inspiration and make a list of all your favorites.

Click photos so it’s easier to collect supplies later.

Begin Collecting the Supplies

Craft supplies vary as per the bracelet you have chosen to make. However, you should buy common supplies like clasps, satin ribbons, beads, scissors, pliers, beading elastic, tape, and superglue.

Make sure you have a variety of beads to create a pattern and the simplest of all casps so that it is easy for you to attach it like lobster claw and hook-and-eye.

Some of the best places you will amazing craft supplies are thrift stores for some unique pieces, craft stores, and local artists who also sell free beads. It is also a great way to support local talent.

Let’s Start Making The Bracelet

Now that you have collected all the required supplies, you can start making the bracelet. Take the elastic cord and wrap it around your wrist 1 and ½ times. We are taking a bigger measurement because we have to tie it at the end and if any extra remains we can always chop it off.

How To Make Your Own Bracelet

After cutting the elastic cord, give it a good stretch to relax all the tension and also check if there is no tear later. Take a one-sided tape and fold it carefully around one end of the cord. It will stop the beads from falling off.

It’s time to start beading. Before you start, make your own unique combination. Mix beads of different colors and sizes.

Peggy Wang and some YouTube channels as this are great when you are looking for combinations. On YouTube you will find many easy tutorials that teach you to make bracelet with things easily available at home.

Put the bead with the biggest hole first, so it creates a base for the smaller beads. Keep adding the beads until you are satisfied with its length and appearance.

You are almost there

Once you have reached the end, tape it. Place it around your wrist to check if it of proper length. Cut the extra part if it is of a desirable length. Take your pliers and the clasp and press it into the ends.

Any Kid-friendly Options?

Bracelet making is a great way to keep kids engaged especially when you have a lot of household work to do. Now, kids shouldn’t put trusted with scissors, pliers, or superglue. It isn’t safe either. A kid-friendly alternative is to take a satin ribbon and some beads.

Video: SaraBeautyCorner

The YouTube Video we talked about above tells the same. Simply slide the beads through the lace. Help them by tying one end and tell them to make their own design by mixing different beads.

It will take them a good 30 minutes to complete the either bracelet. Knot on the other end as well. Tie it around their wrist and they won’t take it off ever.

If you have older kids around eight years of age, teach them a braided bracelet. Take some strings or satin ribbons together and tie them at the top. Show them various different ways to braid them. Help them seal the bracelet with a toggle clasp.

It’s time to show people what you’ve made. You can also make many more and gift it your sisters, cousins, and friends.