How To Make Homemade Rings – Top 10 Ideas To Start

Every day, our hands are at the front and center of our livelihoods, whether it is greeting acquaintances with a friendly handshake or typing on a keyboard, our hands are always on display.

Therefore, it is just as important to dress up your hands just as you would your face in order to make them look attractive. Nowadays, there are many different ways of decorating your hand.

From applying glistering nail polish to wearing different types of shiny bangles and wrist adornments, you can always keep your hands looking attractive. One of the most common ways of decorating your hand that is performed by all types of people all over the world is wearing rings.

What’s The Occasion We Should Wear a Ring?

Rings are small jewelry used to adorn the hands that are worn on fingers. They are commonly used to show commitment to a spouse or lover, whether it’s to show that you are engaged to another person or to show that you are married, and can be worn by people of all ages.

They can also be used to simply adorn your hands and make them look pretty. It is not uncommon to invest a lot of money on rings. However, homemade rings are one of the good choice for people who have not much a budget and want to show their craft ability with their family and other people.

What if you would prefer to learn how to make one on your own? Below are 10 simple ways on how to make homemade rings.

1. Wire Wrapped Bead Rings

Wire Wrapped Bead Rings

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For this, you will only need beads and craft wire. Cut the craft wire to approximately 12-inches and place the bead in the center. Place the ring on a ring sizer or other cylindrical object and wrap each wire around it once.

Next, take the ring off the sizer and wrap each of the wires around the bead, then leave about an inch of wire on each side and wrap that bit of wire around each side of the bead. More details, please visit this website Wire Wrapped Bead Rings

2. Gold Leather Thong Ring

Gold Leather Thong Ring

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You will only need gold leather thong, a needle, and a thread. Cut three equal lengths of thong while using the base of your finger as a measurement. Next cut a small length of bra elastic that is half the size of the thong.

Next, attach the top of the thong to one side of the bra elastic and stitch it into place then stitch the middle and the bottom. Finish by stitching the other ends of the thong together so as to form a ring. Read more details at this site Leather Thong Ring

3. Golden Stone Ring

Golden Stone Ring

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This project you will only need a plain gold ring or copper tube, gold wire, wire cutters, hot glue gun, small stones, and gold paint. Start by painting one of the stones and leaving the other as it is.

Next paint the copper tube rings gold and sealed outside and inside. Apply some glue to the painted stone and stick it to the ring. Next, apply some glue on the side of the ring and stick the beginning of the wire in it.

Wrap wire around the stone until it becomes properly secured. Cut the wire where you desire using a wire cutter and use the glue to secure the end to the inside of the ring. More detail click here GOLDEN STONE RING

4. DIY Geo Ring

DIY Geo Ring

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This DIY you will only need polymer clay, a xacto knife, glue, ring blanks, acrylic paint, and a paintbrush. Start by kneading the clay until it becomes soft and then roll it onto small balls.

Put the balls into the freezer so as to let them harden. Use the knife to cut the base of the shape and continue cutting off the rounded edges until you are only left with straight edges.

Bake your clay shapes and tape off sections of the shape, then paint them any color you prefer. Once the paint has dried, glue the base of the clay shape to the top of the ring blank and then let it dry. All step tutorials, please see here DIY GEO RING

5. Multi-Strand Ring

Multi-Strand Ring

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Prepare silver brass wire, colorful glass beads measuring 3 mm and 4 mm each, nose pliers, and a wire cutter. Begin by cutting an 18 cm length of the silver brass wire and wrap it around a marker three times while making sure the ring is large enough to slide onto your finger.

Next, slide the beads into the loops of the brass wire ring with a round nose pliers and then slide multi-colored and multi-sized beads into loops. Leave about 1 cm at the other end of the wire and loop it. See more details right here Making a Multi-Strand Ring

6. Chain Hamsa Ring

Chain Hamsa Ring

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For this, you will only need an eye hook, jump rings, a chain, and pliers. Begin by placing an eye hook through the charm and use pliers to remove excess wire.

Carefully bend the remaining end of wire to one side and then loop it around so as to form a circular closure while leaving the end slightly open.

Next, place the pendant on your finger and then measure the chain around the base of your finger so as to determine the proper amount you will require.

Once you have the appropriate amount cut off, attach one end of the chain to the loop you made with the eye hook and then close the loop firmly. Repeat this process on the other side while gently opening the loop that was pre-made so as to attach to the chain.

Go to this website to read step-by-step CHAIN HAMSA RING

7. Neon Painted Stone Rings

Neon Painted Stone Rings

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Needed materials are black or gray stones, paint pens, brass or silver ring pads, painters tape, glue, and spray shellac. Start by painting basic patterns on the stones such as stripes or dots.

Next, apply glue to a ring pad and then press it onto each stone and let it dry for a 20 – 30 minutes. If you interested, try to check with this website DIY Neon Painted Stone Rings

8. DIY Glitter Ring

DIY Glitter Ring

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You will only need a blank ring with a small lip, any colored glitter, scarp foam or box, and Mod Podge Dimensional Magic. Start by filling the ring with a very thin coat of dimensional magic, then sprinkle it with glitter and let it dry overnight.

Next, shake off any excess glitter and then apply another thin coat of magic and let it dry for few hours overnight or until the dimensional magic becomes clear. If you want more detail, please go to this website DIY Glitter Ring

9. Easy Elastic Ring

Easy Elastic Ring

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For this you will only need one 6 mm of crystal Swarovski Slider 7707, 12 – 18 3 mm round metal spacer beads, two 3 mm crimp covers, 2 crimp tubes, 20 cm of elastic thread, pliers, and cutters.

Begin by threading all the beads onto the elastic thread making sure to put a crimp tube on each side. Check the size and remove or add beads so as to make sure the ring fits. Flatten the crimp tubes with pliers so as to secure the rings together.

Finally, trim any excess elastic that is close to the crimp tube and then close the crimp covers over the flattened tubes. See step-by-step on this site Easy Elastic Ring DIY

10. Gold and Silver Chain Ring

Gold and Silver Chain Ring

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For this, you will only need plain rings, a curb chain, glue, pliers, toothpick, and a piece of Styrofoam or an old ring box cushion. Begin by wearing the ring you will use and placing a piece of curb chain on it so as to count the links you.

Require to use to cover the surface of the ring. Use pliers to open and detach the links needed from the rest of the chain. Next, place your ring on a Styrofoam or an old ring box cushion so as to make sure it remains stable when you are working on it.

Apply a small amount of glue on the toothpick and spread it along the top of the ring. Carefully put the chain links over the glue on the surface of the ring and then align the chain along the ring and apply pressure on it for a few seconds.

Finally, let it dry for a while. You can also use other materials such as gold, bronze, or copper. You can follow a whole step guide from this website Curb Chain Ring


As you’ve seen from above, making homemade rings can be quite easy and all you will mostly need for this is simple and cheap materials that can be found in almost any store.

While some of these processes may require a bit of practice and a lot of care to get it done right, at the end of it all, it will be completely satisfying and rewarding to make your own ring.

In fact, if you feel that you are getting more efficient at making any of these great homemade rings, you can be selling some to your friends or family. Try one of these free homemaking ring procedures and you won’t come to regret it.