How To Make A Necklace – 12 Ideas For DIY Necklaces

Do you like wearing pretty necklaces and want to learn how to make a necklace? It goes without saying but everyone loves a good necklace, and we can’t help but stare at every new catchy necklace material that comes into our sight.

And since necklaces are easy to add to almost any attire (be it a statement necklace or just the usual everyday necklace), they can often be used as the one thing that can take your outfit from plain or standard to eye-catching.

Thanks to the growing community of creative craft bloggers, you can learn to make the kind of necklaces like you see in boutiques. Don’t worry – you don’t need to be a professional artist to make these gorgeous looking necklaces. Just get ready to make your necklace, gather the materials you will need, and follow the tutorials, step by step.

These amazing DIY necklace ideas will help you create unique necklaces with personalized jewelry pieces that no one else that you know will have it.

1. DIY Ribbon Necklace

DIY Ribbon Necklace

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If you wanted to create a peculiar necklace quickly without needing much material for making it, here’s the DIY guide that will make your dream come true. More detail, please go to this website DIY RIBBON NECKLACE

2. Painted Wooden Necklace

Painted Wooden Necklace

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For women who love beads in their necklace and prefer an earthy feel when it comes to their jewelry, you can’t go wrong with this one. See more detail on this site Painted Wooden Necklace

3. Woven Chain Collar Necklace

Woven Chain Collar Necklace

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Collar necklaces are hot right now and if you didn’t want to shell out much for getting one, just get yourself some rhinestone chain and curb chain and turn them into this beautiful necklace. Read full step at this website DIY Woven Chain Collar Necklace

4. Ombre Tassel Necklace

Ombre Tassel Necklace

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It’s so easy to make these homemade hand-dyed tassel necklace, that you will just start ignoring the ones you find in the market. See step-by-step on this site DIY OMBRE TASSEL NECKLACE

5. Gold Ring Necklace

Gold Ring Necklace

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No, you don’t need to use real gold rings for making these, and regular rings or beads you get in the market will work like a charm. Visit this site for full step tutorials DIY Gold Ring Necklace

6. Geometric Diamond Necklace

Geometric Diamond Necklace

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It might look like a piece of art to people and chances are you’ll love sporting it. Did we say it’s pretty cheap to make one for yourself? Only you will know. Go to this site to see step-by-step procedure DIY GEOMETRIC DIAMOND NECKLACE

7. Nail Polish Colored Necklaces

Nail Polish Colored Necklaces

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All you need to craft this one is a simple chain necklace, nail polish and scrap paper. All step tutorials, please see here Nail Polish Colored Necklaces

8. Tubular Glitter Necklaces

Tubular Glitter Necklaces

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If you are a fan of tubular statement necklaces, this is probably your best bet to have a shot at it. Read more details at this site Totally Tubular Statement Necklaces

9. Marbled Clay Pendant Necklace

Marbled Clay Pendant Necklace

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It takes a bit of work and time to make this one, but it’s for sure one of the most precious looking necklaces you’ll ever add to your box of jewelry. If you interested, try to check with this website MARBLED CLAY PENDANT NECKLACE

10. Tiered Ombre Necklace

Tiered Ombre Necklace

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Just get yourself some spandex strips, needle nose pliers, and a basic chain. Then use some DIY magic to turn them into a Tiered Ombre Necklace. Full tutorial, please visit this website DIY Tiered Ombre Necklace

11. Wooden Disc Necklace

Wooden Disc Necklace

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Yet another quick-and-easy DIY necklace with bibs or wooden disks to offer the enticing look. Full tutorials, please go to read at this site Wood Bib Necklace Tutorial

12. Tassel Fringe Trim Necklace

Tassel Fringe Trim Necklace

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Use fringe trim, a string of beads, and jump rings to make this sexy looking necklace for everyday wear. Read more details right here TASSEL FRINGE TRIM NECKLACE

Now, that you have so many DIY necklace projects in mind, get yourself the required supplies and unleash your creativity. Enjoy with your jewelry making projects!