Fast And Easy Projects – How to Make Hair Clips?

Any hairdo without some hair accessories it looks like incomplete! Think about how bland your hair would look without any kind of accessories to pretty it up!

Accessories are the trendiest and most fashionable thing today, and when it comes to hair clips, they are a lifesaver when we want to hide a bad hair day. But did you ever think about customizing your own hair accessories to save on a few bucks?

If you haven’t previously thought about it, we are here to share some easy and fun DIY ideas on how to make hair clips at home. They are effortless, fun and a whole of exciting! Read this sample that we provided for you!

DIY Beaded Hair Clips

Have you ever looked at one of those beaded hair clips in shops and want to own one of those for yourself? Well, what if we told you that making these Beaded Hair Clips at home just became a whole easier!

You can go all out with the colors and create beaded hair clips at home using flowers and ladybugs that might remind you of spring. All you would need to do is sew the delicate glass beads with a piece of fabric prior to wearing them in your hair.

How to Make “Back to School Hair Bows?”

Do you sometimes feel nostalgic about the hair bows you used to wear back in high school? Now, you can easily relive those memories with the help of a ruler and a Bowdabra!

These “Back to School Hair Bows” can be made into several rainbow colors to match with your different outfits. You can even customize them according to the outfits and dresses in your wardrobe so that you have something for every occasion!

how to make hair clips

Cute Sewn Hair Clips

If you’re not an expert in sewing and are daunts the living hell out of you, you must definitely try this DIY easy sewing project. These cute sewn hair clips are the Ideal Task to take on if you are looking to get some confidence from the creativity you unleash on them.

They are super stylish and quick to make. You can also make a bunch of them with any outfit and for all occasions.

Ever Heard of Scrap Fabric Rosette Barrette?

Yes, that’s a thing and an excellent one at that! The Scrap Fabric Rosette Barrette is a pair of hair clips that suit girls and women of all ages. You can Effortlessly Make Them for yourself at home or even gift them to someone.

If you have some leftover fabric scraps lying around, now is the perfect time to put them to good use.

Fashion Hair Pins

Now you can easily make a pair of hair clips for yourself or your child with these fashion hairpins. They are the simplest hair clips to make at home, either for yourself or for someone you know!

It is also an amazing way to connect with children and at the same time, make them learn a thing or two about sewing. Learn whole step with this video:

Video by: Beads Art

Devilish Hair Clips

Are you a Halloween hard fan? Do funky hair accessories delight you? Then these are the perfect hair clips custom designed for you! Now you can complete your Halloween costume with these devilish hair clips.

You can even go all out and crochet a few devils horns on them to create your own little Masterpiece!


Now, you know about all thinks about how to make hair clips with easy materials with this guide. Remember the fear is only in your mind! Once you take on these fun little projects, there’ll be no stopping you.