20 Pretty And Easy Ideas to Wear Butterfly Hair Clips

When you want to make sure that your hair looks the best that it can and that you are confident in your hairstyle, then you want to use something a little special.

Butterfly hair clips are a great way to update your hairdo and ensure that you look a little different from anyone else in the room. When you use these hair clips, you are sure to find a style that you love.

Check out these 20 great hairstyles that make the most of these fun hair clips and will have you excited to do your hair for the next big event.

1. Twist it Up

Twist it Up

Butterfly clips are great for allowing you to pin twists of your hair to your head. At Throwbacks, you can see how these were styled and what a great job these small clips did of keeping your hair under control, no matter what you were doing.

2. Enjoy Bridal Glam

Enjoy Bridal Glam

Butterflies in the hair look great on your wedding day, as seen here at Weddbook. Consider choosing ones that are bejeweled so that they will shine and shimmer as you and your new spouse dance away the evening.

3. Adorn an Updo

Adorn an Updo

If you have your hair swept up and off of your neck, then using butterfly clips to hold it out of the way will ensure that you look amazing. See how great this style can look over at OneWed, and try it out for yourself the next time you sweep up your hair.

4. Mix Up Your Braids

Mix Up Your Braids

Braids generally look great on their own, but when you have butterflies scattered among them, as seen at 691 Super Long Hair, then you will love the style even more. These small clips look great and will help you tame your tresses.

5. Pin Back Your Bangs

Pin Back Your Bangs

If your bangs get in the way all of the time, then use a single butterfly clip to keep them out of your face. At She’s Smart, you can see how easy this is, as well as how great your final look will be when you do this style correctly.

6. Enjoy a Lot of Butterflies

Enjoy a Lot of Butterflies

At Hello Giggles, you can see how a lot of different colored butterflies will look great, especially when pinned into darker hair. Try keeping them the same size for a look that is a little more uniform and thought-out.

This will ensure that your hair looks like you put thought and effort into the design.

7. Keep Them by Your Face

Keep Them by Your Face

At PopSugar, you can see how great your hair will look when you use clips up closer to your face. While many styles have clips on the back of your head, clips by your face will help you showcase your beautiful features and will make you feel great about how you look.

8. Small Butterfly Clips

Small Butterfly Clips

Lots of smaller butterfly clips can look great, as shown at Learn Be Mobile. These smaller clips can have a really big impact when you use a larger number of them and are sure to make people stop and pay attention to your hair.

9. Enjoy Homemade Butterfly

Enjoy Homemade Butterfly

A homemade butterfly looks great and will let you enjoy the perfect colors or fabric style that will match with the rest of your outfit. At Make It & Love It, you can see how easy it is to make your own butterfly clips.

10. Go for Simplicity

Go for Simplicity

At 691 Super Long Hair you can see how a single clip won’t detract from the beauty of your style, but can actually add to it. If you have spent a lot of time working on your hairstyle and want to keep it in place without your clip ruining the final look, then consider a single clip.

11. Choose a Single Color that Pops

Single Color that Pops

Using just one color of butterfly clips for your hair will ensure that your look is cohesive and that it pops. See how to do it here at Today Fashion New, and get ready to invest in new clips in your favorite color.

12. Enjoy a Cascade

Enjoy a Cascade

A cascading flight of butterflies down the side of your head will look amazing and well-thought out. Choose ones that are the same color for a cohesive look, as seen at She’s Smart, or shake it up with a number of different butterflies if you want something a little different.

13. Make a Crown

Make a Crown

At Learn Be Mobile, you can see how a crown of butterflies across the top of your head will really draw the attention of anyone who sees you. Mix and match the colors of your clips for a unique look, or make them all the same if you want something more cohesive.

14. Go for Realism

Go for Realism

Realistic butterflies will look great in your hair, no matter what style you chose. Visit HairstyleHolic to see how realistic butterflies can take your style to the next level.

15. Tuck It In

Tuck It In

Your butterfly clip doesn’t have to be the focal point of your style, as you can see at Learn Be Mobile. There’s no reason that you shouldn’t tuck the butterfly under a little bit of hair so that it can peek out and be noticed from there.

16. Circle the Style

Circle the Style

If you have a small bun on the back of your head that you want to draw attention to, then try using a few butterfly clips to circle it. You will love how you can draw attention to your style and the way that your hair looks without it being over the top. Check it out at She’s Smart.

17. Hold Your Bun

Hold Your Bun

Buns no longer have to be boring, as you can see at 691 Super Long Hair. Your bun will look great when adorned with butterflies and will help you ensure that you don’t have any strands that are trying to escape, no matter whether you are dancing or just spending time with friends.

18. Go Vintage

Go Vintage

A vintage butterfly clip is sure to really stand out in your hair and add a touch of vintage flair to your style. When you choose a vintage clip over one found in the store, then you are sure to love the way that it looks, so check it out on ThrowBacks.

19. Choose Neutral Colors

Choose Neutral Colors

If you want to use these hair clips, but you aren’t sure about them being a main focal point of your style, then consider using ones in neutral colors like here at Today Fashion New. This is a great way to try out this style without the clips being too bold.

20. Use Multiple Butterflies

Use Multiple Butterflies

For the most impact, you will want to follow what Today Fashion New did and use multiple butterflies. This will really draw the attention of anyone who sees you and is sure to make your hairstyle the talk of the event.

The next time that you want your hair to look great, try using butterfly clips. They can take a boring style and make it so much better.