Best and Appropriate Leather for Handmade Leather Belts

It is interesting to know that the first types of belts were handmade leather belts. According to Wikipedia, belts have been in use since during the Bronze Age.

long before the discovery of PVC, Nylon and rubber. A human could skin an Ox, dry its skin, soften it, cut it into a strap and fasten the strap at the waist.

From there on, fashion stylist began designing various types of belts from a wide range of materials. Handmade belts are still in production and they are an indicate of taste class due to their high cost. Here are tidbits you need to know about handmade belts:

Which Type of Leather is Appropriate For Handmade Belts?

Any craftsman can design and make a belt from any type of leather he pleases. The beauty of preferring handmade belts is that they tend to be made from genuine leather while most of the non-handmade belts are made from faux leather.

However, the durability of the handmade belt depends on the type of leather used, genuine leather producing the best and long lasting belts while the bonded leather making the less glamorous and less durable leather belts.

A truly awesome handmade belt should be made from genuine leather.

Difference Between A Bonded Leather and Genuine Leather.

According to World of Leathers, faux leather can easily pass as genuine leather owing to the close resemblance to the real leather. In fact, fake leather scientifically passes as real leather and has had complex terms such as Vero Cuoio assigned to it.

Even the most avid leather enthusiast can’t easily identify the difference.

handmade leather belts

Bonded leather is made of real leather and other material. The law requires that a bonded leather product must contain at least 20% leather. Since a genuine belt is made of 100% leather, it is costlier than the handmade bonded leather counterpart.

Not All Handmade Belts Are Made From Cattle Leather

A cow comes to our minds when we see any leather products in the shop. However, there are many sources of high quality leather which are utilized by artisans to make handmade belts.

Whether it should be categorized as leather or otherwise is still contentious, but Crocodiles are known to supply the finest “leather” belts you can ever see in a luxury shop.

All it takes is a skilled belt maker and everything else will turn out just right regardless of the source of the leather. According to Love Your Leather, an influential blog in the leather world – stingray leather from Thailand makes the most durable leather belts when compare with another type.

Diversity of Handmade Genuine Leather Belts.

When we talk about the design, handmade belts have the diversity of a color compared to the non-handmade types. The fact that they are handmade allows the artisan to imagine a wide range of design ideas which ends up applying to his work.

As a result, handmade leather belts come out as beautiful and captivating. Pinterest showcases a range of diverse handmade belt ideas that are outright sizzling to an avid handmade belt fanatic.

A Handmade Belt is Unisex, Most of The Time.

Handmade belt makers tend to put little consideration to the question of who is going to wear their belts. In facts, most of the belts that come out of their workshops are unisex i.e. can be worn by both men and women.

However, some artisans are more particular and may try to put the two sexes into considerations, although this goes largely unnoticed among the fashion gurus.

How To Take Care Your Belt?

Just like anything else pricey, you need to care for your handmade belt to preserve its quality. Handmade Leather recommends a saddle soap for cleaning your leather belt.

Saddle soap is readable available in stores selling leather related products. Don’t wash it often as this may fade the decorations on the belt.

Besides cleaning with saddle soap, don’t take the belt to alterations such as adding extra holes. Consult your belt’s maker what to do when you experience a change in waist size. Also, don’t use your belt for unintended purposes.

Below is the sample video show you how making a leather belt from scratch, if you are interested to make by yourself this tutorial can help you.

Video by: Ian Atkinson

In conclusion, a handmade leather belts is one of the excellent fashion items you can acquire. Some handmade belts are very much like collector’s items. For instance, a handmade belt from the 1930’s can prove to be highly valuable in the 21st century.

Once you’ve acquired your genuine leather belt, remember to give it the care it deserves. The leather is tough when worn not when subjected to bad care.