July 4, 2017

About Us


FairlyJewel.com is a jewelry website in the fashion industry. We collect the information to help the women can find a great idea for making an easy DIY jewelry as much as we can. Our goal is to help our readers find a good fashion earring, modern bracelet designs, popular handmade ring as well as easy DIY necklace pieces that matches with their skin tone and facial complexion.

At FairlyJewel we believe that jewelry is a form of self-expression and every woman has own unique way of expressing her sense of style. Hence, the needed for our website should to dedicate to presenting a good DIY jewelry idea too.

Behind every creative idea and how-to-guides on this website, It’s a project of a jewelry lover who which love to share their DIY experiments with other readers. You no need to be a fashion enthusiast to try out some of the nice ideas that we share on this website. In fact, we encourage every woman to express their inner self through their spectacular creativity and design by themselves because they will be proud of their work.