9 DIY Custom Necklace Ideas – Jazz Up Your Outfit

There are millions of different DIY necklace ideas on the Internet. Many of these look very professional and are something that you will be proud to wear. I have tried to select some of my favorite DIY necklaces.

These are my favorites, not just because they look amazing but also because they are so easy to make. The necklace designs I have selected can either be made with very little materials, in some cases just scraps of material is needed.

Others require a lot of patience, but the effort is certainly worth it. Anyone who is interested in crafts and DIY jewelry making will find this list of the top 9 custom necklaces inspiring.

What is Needed for Making Necklace?

If you do want to attempt them, then the sites have very detailed how-to guides. These will list the materials you will need to purchase, and how the necklace can actually be made. Although the instructions are normally quite detailed, you don’t have to follow them to the letter.

That’s the beauty of custom necklaces. You can add your own elements, or change color schemes to your liking. The key to craft necklaces is just having fun with it.

You will get pleasure making and wearing the necklace, which is much better than simply going out to the store to buy one off the shelf. Read on through this guide to learn about some of the very best DIY necklace designs currently on the Internet.

1. Felt Garland Necklace

Felt Garland Necklace

Image By: helloglow.co

The DIY Garland necklace looks like a lot of fun to make and wear. What’s more, since it’s made from tiny bits of felt and a few other things, you probably already have everything you need to make one yourself. Read full step at this website DIY Felt Garland Necklace

2. Gretchen Jones Necklace

Gretchen Jones Necklace

Image By: honestlywtf.com

This Gretchen Jones necklace looks very modern and expensive. It is however extremely cheap to make. It’s worth a go, the only thing that looks difficult is wrapping the cord around the rings to hold it all together. Read more details at here DIY Gretchen Jones Necklace

3. Clover Pendant Necklace

Clover Pendant Necklace

Image By: northstory.ca

This clover pendant necklace is totally stunning. It looks like something you would pay a lot of money for in a jewelry shop, but it’s extremely easy and inexpensive to make. Who knew simple closed S hooks could ever look so beautiful. See all process here Clover Pendant Necklace

4. Woven Beaded Necklace

Woven Beaded Necklace

Image By: brit.co

This DIY necklace looks very high quality. Threading the beads onto the individual strands of jewelry thread will be time consuming. But the finished necklace is certainly worth it.

Weaving the strings of beads together will be very rewarding. Read more details here Woven Bead Statement Necklace

5. Neon Rope Chain Necklace

Neon Rope Chain Necklace

Image By: ispydiy.com

The DIY Neon Rope Chain necklace shows just how you can create a beautiful necklace with a few plain items. The colors go perfectly with denim. The design could even be changed by adjusting colors or adding various other materials.

See more details here NEON ROPE & CHAIN NECKLACE

6. Sachin + Babi Rorschach Necklace

Sachin + Babi Rorschach Necklace

Image By: honestlywtf.com

This is a bit of an abstract necklace, but looks like something you would see in expensive shops. Completing it won’t need many things, just a piece of leather, some chain and lots of patience.

Cutting the pattern out looks tricky, but there is a template which can be downloaded. Go to this site to see step-by-step procedure DIY Sachin + Babi Rorschach Necklace

7. Clay Bead Necklace

Clay Bead Necklace

Image By: delightedmomma.com

This necklace is pretty impressive. Not only do you thread the beads, but you get to make them from scratch. This isn’t as difficult as it sounds though. Simply roll craft clay into balls and carefully pierce holes through the beads before baking.

This means you can make beads in many different shapes, sizes and colors to suit your tastes. If you want more detail, please go to this website DIY Polymer Clay Bead Necklace

8. Glass Map Necklace

Glass Map Necklace

Image By: happyhourprojects.com

The Glass map necklace is a fantastic and very personal necklace idea. It’s possible to choose a map of anywhere in the country, or even the world. Choose somewhere special to you.

It would make a fantastic gift for that someone special. Full tutorial, please visit this website GLASS MAP NECKLACE

9. Beaded Tassel Necklaces

Beaded Tassel Necklaces

Image By: madeinaday.com

DIY beaded tassel necklaces look special and unique. There are so many different types of beads and threading techniques that you can make something look amazing.

Different colors of tassels and beads can be used to create a beautiful look. If you want to read the detail, please go to this website DIY BEADED TASSEL NECKLACES

It’s truly amazing just how creative some people are. The DIY necklace designs I looked at today don’t even look home made. They are all very well made and look like something you would pay good money for.

If you enjoy crafts, then you will get a lot of enjoyment out of making your own necklace. Why not try making a necklace yourself? Just think how proud you will be when you get complemented!