9 DIY Brooch Ideas That Are Cheap & Easy

Looking to add up your charm in the next party you go to? While everything started from the dress you wear to the handbag you carry and etc., there is something about brooches that you cannot ignore.

Brooches are a way to jazz up your clothing and accessories. You can put a crafty brooch on your shoes, bags, purses or clothing to add a bit of appeal and fun in your life.

They are easy and inexpensive too, if you wish to DIY at home. You can simply take up a piece of old jewelry and make a creative brooch out of it. Read our article to learn how to make a crafty, creative and chic DIY brooch easily at home.

1. Blossoming Brooch

Blossoming Brooch

image: marthastewart.com

Your love with flowers should not be restricted to buying a fresh bouquet every morning. You can also make your shirt blossom with a beautiful flower-like brooch. Martha Stewart helps you with a nice brooch that you can easily make from the comfort of your homes in a few easy steps.

2. Vintage Lace Brooches

Vintage Lace Brooches

image: positivelysplendid.com

Everything about vintage give an air of elegance, exclusivity, and style. Cotton laces are always cheesy and never go out of fashion. Using some scrap laces to make a lovely vintage-looking brooch will add glamor to your dressing.

Positively Splendid has given some easy steps to help you do it yourself.

3. DIY Weave A Mandala Brooch with Toothpicks

DIY Weave A Mandala Brooch

image: icreativeideas.com

Yoga on your mind? Why don’t you make a mandala brooch using toothpicks? I Creative Ideas have brought out their creativity by using toothpicks and colored thread or yarn to create a fantastic brooch.

4. Heart Map Ornament and Brooch

Heart Map Ornament and Brooch

image: pillarboxblue.com

Why should your traveling passion be restricted to hanging maps on the wall, if you can make a lovely brooch? Pillar Box Blue helps you bring out your travel bug and get creative with these full moon travel brooches to adorn your outfits and accessories this season! Make it and ready to use on your next travel trip.

5. DIY Full Moon Brooch

DIY Full Moon Brooch

image: blog-intemporailes.com

Full moon brooch can be easily made with some paint and clay. If you love the beauty of the universe, you can carry the moon on your sleeves. Intemporailes Blog gives you some easy steps to make a full moon brooch within minutes and flaunt it on your sleeves or bags.

6. DIY Ribbon Rose Brooch

DIY Ribbon Rose Brooch

image: danslelakehouse.com

Roses always add elegance to everything around it. Now, you can make a simple ribbon rose brooches, it can enhance the beauty of your clothing. Dans Le Lakehouse offers some easy steps to use ribbons in a creative way of the color of your choice to make a brooch.

7. DIY Copper Origami Brooch

DIY Copper Origami Brooch

image: lanaredstudio.com

When you think about crafts, the first word that comes to mind is Origami. The brooch is a piece of jewelry that can go with all kinds of dresses and occasions. Lana Red Studio shares their original project of using copper foil to make an elegant Origami swan.

8. Fall Felt Brooch

Fall Felt Brooch

image: liagriffith.com

Wool felts can also be used in a creative way to make a brooch. Lia Griffith shows how wool felts and the fall season goes together with your winter clothing. These brooches can easily be made with embroidered and colorful threads to transform you into a soft, misty and autumn environment. They also make for a great gift.

9. DIY Feather Pouf Brooch & Hair Clip

Feather Pouf Brooch

image: iwearthecanvas

Now don a flirty look with this versatile feather pouf brooch hair clip. They go with all kinds of outfits and looks. You can even choose the color according to your preference.

Make them quickly at home with the help of this easy tutorial from I Wear The Canvas. This tutorial gives you a step by step insight into making a feather brooch with the help of easy to find and inexpensive materials.


DIY Brooch is the easiest thing you can make at home. So, no more spending money on buying expensive brooches anymore! Find your free time and started the first project as soon as possible, then the 2nd and 3rd will come quickly when you have an experience.