8 Unique DIY Watch Strap to Jazz up Your Watch

Are you bored of the same and old watch but don’t want to spend on a new one? You could change your watch to a new look by just getting a new watch strap – and you don’t even have to buy one!

Bored of your old, rugged, and out-of-date watch strap? You can easily bring some color and variety to help by creating some watch straps at home. It’s not as bizarre as it sounds.

You might be accustomed to buying new watches every fall, but now you can make a brand-new watch by making only new straps for them, that’s amazing!

Try out these top DIY Watch Strap that can be made at home with the help of a few everyday materials!

1. DIY Chain Strap Watch

DIY Chain Strap Watch

image: apairandasparediy.com

Your love for gold cannot be restricted to only jewelry, you can make your old looking watch strap livelier by making a gold chain strap for it. A Pair And A Spare lists out some easy steps that you can follow and design a new look for your watch.

2. DIY Denim Watch Strap

DIY Denim Watch Strap

image: instructables.com

Leather straps are quite out of fashion now, but you can always use some denim to make a brand new and unique watch strap. It can go with your casual wear and you can flaunt a bit of denim on your hand.

With simple materials that are readily available at home, you can design a fashionable watch strap. Instructables are here to help you do and give you some quick tips as well as ideas to create something in a short period of time.

3. DIY Braided Watch Strap

DIY Braided Watch Strap

image: wrappedupinrainbows

Wrapped Up In Rainbows brings forth a watch strap as cool as its name. Remember the high school days when we were crazy about the braided friendship bands?

You can relive those moments by designing your very own freshly braided watch strap in the color of your choice. They are easy to DIY, and you can bring in your kids’ day back to your life again.

4. DIY Rhinestone Strand Wrap Watch

DIY Rhinestone Strand Wrap Watch

image: mylittlesecrets.ca

Whoever thought rhinestones were only good for designing jewelry, we want to tell you, you should rethink again! Rhinestones make for excellent watch straps and are so versatile that they can go with different types of attire too.

My Little Secrets demonstrates how to make these beauties in a matter of minutes at home.

5. Leather Watch Strap

Leather Watch Strap

image: designsponge.com

Leather watch strap might sound too old fashioned, but it can make a unique style statement. You don’t have to worry if your old leather strap has worn out.

You can simply make a new one for yourself through the detailed tutorial of Design Sponge. You can try out some prints and embroideries too to jazz up the plain old leather watch strap.

6. Lace, Pearls and Rhinestone Watch Strap

Lace, Pearls and Rhinestone Watch Strap

image: dreamalittlebigger.com

Dream A Little Bigger brings as creative a watch strap as its name. Have you ever thought about adding jewels to your watch strap? Well, it’s a possibility and a good one at that!

Lace has a quality of adding immense elegance to everything, pearls just take the look of a watch strap to another altogether. These watch straps are ideal to wear for weddings and important events. Wear it and be the talk of a party!

7. Watch Strap Rhinestone Bracelet

Watch Strap Rhinestone Bracelet

image: trinketsinbloom.com

We’ve talked about adding rhinestones to watch straps, plenty of times. Once again, simple jewelry can make you look more stylish and contemporary.

This watch strap is one such piece of underrated accessory that is designed keeping in mind exclusivity and grace. Trinkets In Bloom show you how to design and make these like professionally.

8. Weave Yourself A Colorful Watch

Weave Yourself A Colorful Watch

image: stel-blogs

S.T.E.L is in town to add color to your life! Now you can make yourself a watch with a plethora of colors to match different outfits. This tutorial will help you to weave up to seven colours of faux leather strips. Look like very interested, right?


The process of making DIY Watch Strap not complicated as you think. Now anyone can DIY at home with a few material items and some basic tools. Don’t burn your money if you can do it yourself for some outfit accessories like these watch straps.