7 Easy DIY Bracelets to Make At Home

There are new fashions has occurred over the past 20 years along with the globalization process and the exchange of cultures. In the present, we can find several styles of DIY Bracelets from wood, metal, plastic or any type of synthetic materials.

Making DIY bracelets become a shape of art, allowing your creativity to out blast through the creation of innovative and attractive designs of bracelets with a nearly infinite variety of materials, shapes and some tricks that become trending after being shown on a website and YouTube video.

It is also an affordable way of hand crafting, since all it takes is a half feet of nylon string, and some bangles to fill it with, as well as any pendants or significant pieces you would like to add; the rest is up to sparing some free time and your creative ideas.

Choose The Right Material to Make A Bracelet

There is also the option of using light ropes for many braid styles that create attractive and innovative bracelet designs of all colors and sizes; or just keeping it simple and making chain bracelets, which result more appealing to the new generation people as well as the older persons.

Anyone can tap into the art of hand crafted bracelets, it does not require a much of skill, but the results pretty straight forward once you get the grip of it.

And since it’s completely free of hazardous materials or chemicals, kids can also express their curious but spectacular creativity through something as simple as a bracelet with bangles or braided ropes.

Here are 7 easy bracelets projects that can help you start with full tutorials and easy to understand.

1. Painted Wood Bangle Bracelets

Painted Wood Bangle Bracelets

Image By: sarahhearts.com

This one can easy to get started, just look for a bangle of wood that fits your wrist and paint it with literally anything that you needed. Click this link to see all step process DIY PAINTED WOOD BANGLE BRACELETS

2. Ten Minutes Easy Yarn Bracelets

Easy Yarn Bracelets

Image By: matterofstyle

These require a bit of skill, but you can make them literally for free by using leftovers from other projects or scraps, such as pieces of rope, yarn, chains, or fabric. Please read more details right here How To Make 5 Bracelets

3. DIY Braided Bracelets & Cuff

DIY Braided Bracelets & Cuff

Image By: honestlywtf.com

Great for those wrists that lacking jewelry, and all it requires is a few skeins of embroidery thread along with your skill and creativity. If you interested, please follow this link DIY Braided Cuff

4. Ombre Fishtail Bracelets

Ombre Fishtail Bracelets

Image By: feltasaurus

Better known as friendship bracelets. These are the ones you make with only a ring/bangle, and a creatively braided skein of thread. Nice, easy, and neat! Read more details at this site Feltasaurus

5. Chain Bracelet Tutorial

Chain Bracelet Tutorial

Image By: blog.a-common-thread.com

It stands out just great whenever you have to throw an ideas in something simple, but fancy. All it takes is a pair of tweezers, a thin ring and the chain of your preference. See step-by-step on this site A COMMON THREAD

6. Sea Glass Bracelet

Sea Glass Bracelet

Image By: thesweetestoccasion.com

That’s just the perfect design for summer, with very light and attractive colors. All it takes is a sea glass you can find on any beach, a chain, and some E-6000 glue. You can follow a whole step guide from this website DIY SEA GLASS BRACELET

7. Simple Anchor Bracelet

Simple Anchor Bracelet

Image By: legendarybeads.com

All about simplicity and vintage inspiration, all it takes is 14” of 1mm leather, one anchor pendant, and a fold-over cord end. Read more details right here Anchor Bracelet